Informing Regulatory Decisions
with Food Risk Intelligence

Key Objective

To overcome the fragmentation of the Food Safety Data and enhance Food Safety regulatory decision making.

Introducing food safety regulations is a slow process involving complex multi-stakeholder decisions. To enhance it, regulators and public authorities require decision making tools that combine regulatory with food risk intelligence data. Currently, no integrated solution exists due to the fragmentation of the data economy. 

There is a need to incentivize companies in the food safety digital data economy to specialize on particular data sources and types and pull their resources together in an integrated framework that allows for re-use of resources. To strengthen it, regulators and public authorities require decision making tools that can fuse regulatory with food risk intelligence data. 


This Use Case through a unique approach will combine heterogeneous data and software sources to enhance the introduction of food safety regulations, with significantly low computational and energy waste in real-time.

In this Use Case the EFRA Data & Analytics Marketplace will allow individuals and companies to upload data crawling and mining software that targets particular sources and types. 

The Marketplace will centrally schedule the crawling workload over the EFRA Green Cloud HPC, based on the popularity of each data source, thus creating significant energy savings compared to each participating organisation executing their crawlers individually. 

Through an intelligent and dynamic monetization/trading scheme, contributing to important or not-yet-covered data types and sources will award the contributing organisations with increased monetary rewards, which they can leverage in the internal Marketplace economy to gain access to the output of other data crawlers.

Through the networks of SGS Digicomply and WFSR as well as EFRA’s communication activities, multiple participants will be attracted to contribute crawling and mining software modules, and inspection authorities, food safety authorities and national/EC legislators will be contacted as data consumers through two use-case cycles executed during the EFRA project duration. 

Potential participating organisations will include leading food companies and food safety authorities as part of the EFSA’s EREN framework.

EFRA will aggregate all the above-mentioned sources of data and technologies for real-time informing of regulatory decisions based on global food risk data.

Use Case Leader
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  • Riccardo Dondi
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