Unlocking the Future of Food Safety: Exploring Federated AI with Agroknow & Moy Park

By Marilena Dimitrakopoulou, Research Project Manager, Agroknow.

Last month, our project coordinator, Agroknow, travelled to Belfast, in the UK, for a double purpose. During their stay, they had the chance to visit Moy Park’s premises and participated in a food-safety-related workshop, at Queen’s University Belfast. 

Agroknow & Moy Park allign on the "poultry" use case

During their time at Moy Park, Agroknow granted an insightful tour of their farms, laboratories, and state-of-the-art facilities. The successful food company, which leads the EFRA use case “Risk Prediction for Poultry Pathogens”, shared in-depth knowledge about their intricate production processes, offering a wealth of information regarding various reports and documents that underpin their rigorous food safety protocols. These documents covered a wide range of critical aspects, including hygiene practices, environmental conditions, feed management, and meticulous sampling strategies. 

The two EFRA partners delved into discussions related to the specific needs and objectives of the poultry-pathogens-related use case. Together with Moy Park’s dedicated AI team, Agroknow explored the exciting potential applications of federated AI within their organization. They also engaged in a detailed examination of the types of data they possess and the formats in which it is structured, considering how best to apply the federated AI approach for maximum benefit. In their collaborative spirit, they, together, established crucial milestone dates to guide their future interactions and progress evaluations. This strategic planning is aimed at ensuring the success and seamless execution of their joint project.

Both Agroknow & Moy Park work on the EFRA Use Case "Risk Predictions for Poultry Pathogens"

Agroknow at Queen's University Belfast

The food-safety-related workshop, hosted at Queen’s University Belfast, brought together a diverse array of participants, including prominent organizations such as the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS), Food Fortress, Moypark, and others within the food and feed industry. With an audience of more than 50 professionals, Agroknow had the opportunity to showcase their EFRA work on federated AI. The workshop featured an extensive presentation highlighting the manifold advantages of federated AI and its practical application in diverse corporate contexts. A central theme of the discussion revolved around the distinctive capability of federated AI to yield valuable insights without necessitating the sharing of sensitive data.

An interactive session facilitated an engaging exchange of ideas, with participants exploring potential avenues for collaboration within the realm of federated AI. Notably, Food Fortress contributed critical laboratory data related to mycotoxins in feed samples, serving as a catalyst for a dedicated presentation on how AI can elucidate the subtleties of mycotoxin concentrations, types, and their temporal and seasonal variations. This workshop provided an invaluable platform for industry professionals to delve into the promising potential of federated AI in enhancing food safety practices, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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