Overview of the 1st EFRA year

We celebrate a milestone in the journey of EFRA, by concluding the first year of the project. Delve into the accomplishments, challenges, and impactful moments of EFRA. Join us as we reflect on a year filled with innovation, collaboration, and strides towards the development of the first analytics & AI-enabled, green and secured platform for food safety risk prevention in Europe.

We have created impact

During the first year of the project, our scientific partners have published more than 10 peer-reviewed papers in scientific open-access journals and conferences. So far, our research has delved into the advancement of AI and information retrieval. 

Read all the scientific publications of EFRA!

We have desimated EFRA to the world

Our team has participated in more than 20 conferences and events to promote the EFRA impact to the academic and industry community.

We have taken initiatives

EFRA has been busy co-organizing 2 events with fellow European projects. The first, an Open Day on “Digital Innovation in Food Safety,” at the Agricultural University of Athens, where we shared our knowledge on food safety incident forecasting.

Fast forward to early June 2023, EFRA and HoliFOOD got together for the 1st International Summit on Privacy-preserving AI for Food Risk Intelligence. Hosted by Chris Elliott, the president of the EFRA advisory board, the summit featured insights from industry experts, tackling challenges and sharing best practices in handling sensitive info in the food industry.

We have been collaborative

Over the first year of EFRA, our team has worked together towards our mission to transform food risk predictions. The EFRA project, while deeply rooted in technology, owes its achievements to the people behind it. Teamwork empowers us to overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and constantly learn from one another.

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