Moy Park celebrating Food Safety Week 2024

By Dr Anne Richmond, Director of R&D Pilgrim’s Europe/Moy Park.

Moy Park celebrates World Food Safety Week each year with fun activities and workshops at all their sites, engaging their teams and employees on the importance of upholding high standards.

Moy Park’s customers trust them to deliver great tasting products and to consistently provide the highest standards of food safety and quality. They continue to build upon a strong culture of food safety, using training, education and personal development to create competent, high performing teams every year, thus further developing their position within the market. Moy Park’s farming, production, supply chain and distribution activities are undertaken with absolute commitment to safety and quality; their employees are encouraged, and expected, to act on any concern they may have to improve our food safety practices.


Moy Park leads the EFRA Use Case "Risk Predictions for Poultry Pathogens"

For Moy Park, participating in the EFRA project is an oportunity to develop strong relationships with experts in the field of ‘Big data’, ‘Internet of Things’ and Artificial Intelligence to explore how they can use data mining, aggregation and analytics to address scientific, economic and societal challenges associated with food safety.

Due to the relationships developed as part of the project, Moy Park was delighted to welcome Manos Karvounis, from Agroknow (coordinator of EFRA) to talk at the World Food Safety Week ‘Lunch and Learn’ session. Moy Park’s employees were invited to join for a virtual lunch together with an exciting talk from our coordinator. Manos is a seasoned computer scientist with over 15 years of experience in research and development and is the Research and Innovation Manager at Agroknow, where he leads an interdisciplinary team in creating advanced AI solutions for the food sector.

During his presentation, Manos presented compelling results on the early forecasting of end-cycle production metrics. Showcasing advanced predictive models that can anticipate outcomes with high accuracy. He also delved into methods for early detection of flocks exhibiting unusual behaviour in terms of weight gain rate or mortality, emphasizing the importance of anomaly detections. By identifying these anomalies early, it becomes possible to intervene promptly, enhancing flock management and overall food production efficiency. He also highlighted the potential of AI-driven solutions to transform farming practices by providing actionable insights early in the flock lifecycle.

Speaking about the event Dr Anne Richmond (Director of R&D Pilgrim’s Europe) commented ‘We would like to thank Manos for attending and speaking at our Food Safety Week ‘Lunch and Learn’ session, these collaborations and engagements are absolutely crucial in ensuring we combine the latest tools and insights with our wealth of internal knowledge to continually enhance our business practices.’

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