EFRA Kick-off | 2-3 February 2023 | Athens

Horizon Europe project EFRA (Extreme Food Risk Analytics) was kicked-off on 2-3 February 2023 in Athens, Greece, where 9 partners from 7 different countries across all Europe, representing a wide range of sectors, including research entities and universities, technology companies, certification bodies and SMEs, were brought together.

During the kick-off meeting, the partners had the chance to meet in person, present their future contributions to the project, and align on the activities of the first semester, setting the scene for a fruitful collaboration. Project partners, bringing their experience and knowledge, are ready to unfold a 3-year plan towards the transition from reaction to risk prevention in food safety.

Led by Agroknow, the consortium’s goal is to bring the first analytics platform specialised in food safety risk prevention in Europe, by exploring novel and promising approaches in extreme data mining and aggregation, and developing prediction models with explainable AI methods, following a secure and green approach.

The Kick-off meeting is only the beginning of the 36 upcoming months, filled with events, updates and activities!

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